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Our 25th Season!

St. Andrews' best opportunity for whales and wildlife - its all about capability!

The size of our vessel, its ability to go further faster and trip flexibility provide you with greater odds of success!

A Bay of Fundy Recommended Whale and Wildlife Cruise


Departing from historic St. Andrews by-the-Sea, New Brunswick, Canada our Bay of Fundy whale and wildlife cruises provide the opportunity to experience whales and so much more!

Come cruise the Fundy Isles and experience her rugged seascapes, abundant lighthouses and powerful tides

Observe whales, seals, porpoise, bald eagles, and a variety of seabirds from the decks of our spacious modern power catamaran. Get up close and personal with a variety of undersea life with our onboard touch tank.

Our first class educational interpretation and limited passenger capacity ensures an experience like no other.

Using modern passenger vessel design and sufficient cruise duration, our family business delivers environmentally conscience expeditions designed with the opportunity to see, learn, and experience more!

Be whale wise. Range matters!

There are no guarantees when it comes to whale watching, but you can put the odds in your favour by choosing a cruise that can spend more time in whale feeding areas and less time in transit. A boat that goes 10 mph, can go 30 miles in 3 hours. A boat that can go 20 mph can go 60 miles in 3 hours. Those 30 extra miles can mean the difference between whales and no whales or the type of whales you experience.

Join us Abord the Catamaran M/V Quoddy Link

St. Andrews’ Largest, Most Spacious Whale Watching Vessel

Calm Seas and Humpbacks – August 16, 2019

Good evening everyone, Danielle here again with Quoddy Link Marine out of St. Andrews, NB on the beautiful Bay of Fundy.  We have had a great few days in the offshore area with humpbacks, lots and lots of porpoise on the way to and from St. Andrews and we are passing...

Welcome Pluma to our part of Fundy – August 14, 2019

Good evening again everyone, here is another update from us at Quoddy Link Marine SIGHTINGS UPDATE Wednesday August 14, 2019 8am: This morning we had a charter trip with an American motor coach company that started with a 2 hour nature cruise. We stopped with seals at...

Welcome Tornado and her 2019 calf to our little part of the Bay of Fundy – August 13, 2019

Good evening everyone, we had another great day on the Bay.  Here are our sightings from August 13, 2019 SIGHTINGS UPDATE Tuesday August 13, 2019 10am: This morning Captain Matt decided to take us right offshore and we started with a humpback, Breakers, not far from...

The wonderful whale watching of 2019 continues – August 12, 2019

Good evening everyone, Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine, whale watching out of St. Andrews here with another update. The sightings continue to be great with fin whales and minkes among the Islands and humpback offshore.  In order to get offshore we need the weather,...

Time with Slice and the “Tusk Twist” – August 9, 2019

Good evening everyone, just wanted to share our sightings from today with everyone SIGHTINGS UPDATE Friday August 9, 2019 10am: This morning we had some thick Fundy fog to deal with but a SW wind picked up early and cleared our most of the Islands. We were able to get...

Another great day to be on the Bay of Fundy – August 7, 2019

We had another great day on the Bay of Fundy, here are our sightings for August 7, 2019 SIGHTINGS UPDATE Wednesday August 7, 2019 10am: This morning we headed directly offshore towards the Wolves Bank and quickly picked up 3 humpbacks traveling together who turned out...

Finbacks leave us all in awe – August 6, 2019

Good evening everyone, We have had some great trip the past few days but yesterday morning our fin whale sighting was incredible.  We spent time in Whale Cove with a large group of fin whales all traveling and feeding together.  There was 8-10 fins all surfacing...

Another day with humpbacks offshore – August 4, 2019

Good evening everyone, just wanted to share our sightings for today, we had another great day offshore with humpbacks and I documented 2 new humpbacks for our 2019 season; Bowline and Triton. SIGHTINGS UPDATE Sunday August 4, 2019 10am: This morning with calm seas and...

Fins and humps offshore and a fin and minke inshore – August 3, 2019

Good evening everyone, here are our sighting for today, August 3, 2019!  I have not heard back yet from our 5pm departure but I am sure they are having a wonderful trip in the Islands, SIGHTINGS UPDATE Saturday August 3, 2019 10am: This morning we headed right...

The fog lifts and we can head offshore! – August 1, 2019

We had a number of days with thick fog that kept us confined to the inner Islands but we had some wonderful trips with minke whales, warm breezes and lots of harbour porpoise. Today the fog lifted and we were able to head offshore to search for humpbacks.  We found 3...